A little Rusty

These are a couple 20 minute figure drawings from last Friday night. I have not been able to go all semester and it shows a little. I definitely moved slower than usual! I plan to catch up on some lost time this summer.   This is a page from my sketchbook. I love Steve McCurry’sContinue reading “A little Rusty”

20 Minute Figure Drawing

This is a drawing from tonight’s figure group session at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Larry was our model. He sort of looks like he is upset with his crossed arms and pout. I know that Larry was not feeling good so maybe I captured his expression correctly. All Images © 2013 L.J. Hancock

Friday Night Drawings

Happy Saturday! Last night I went to a much needed life drawing session at the Visual Arts Center. We had a model who seems to be a regular around the Richmond life drawing groups. I really enjoy this model because he is quirky (cracking jokes most of the time) as well as comfortable posing. HisContinue reading “Friday Night Drawings”