A little Rusty

These are a couple 20 minute figure drawings from last Friday night. I have not been able to go all semester and it shows a little. I definitely moved slower than usual! I plan to catch up on some lost time this summer.




This is a page from my sketchbook. I love Steve McCurry’s National Geographic portrait book. I picked it up years ago, while in college. I thought that I would practice with some of his portraits until I can get back to the figure drawing group. These were drawn with my ball-point pen.

Sketchbook 1


  1. Cool! Lisa, I get Steve McCurry’s blog. It’s fabulous! I know you would enjoy it. I love your sketches. If you don’t get the McCurry blog, just Google it, the link will come up.

  2. Hi Lisa, love the sketches. I get Steve mcCurry’s blog. If you don’t already get it, you will love it. He’s fabulous. Just Google his name, the link will come up.

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