I thought I would share a little bit about my process today. When painting forest scenes, branches, pine needles etc., I like to use a #1 round brush and a liner brush. The round brush is great for creating varying sizes in the branches and I really like to use the liner brush for the spindly pine needles. They also work great when painting fur or whiskers. Learn more during my upcoming watercolor and/or drawing class at Marnee’s Studio this winter!

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5 thoughts on “Process

  1. Hello Ms Hancock,
    I just stumbled down here and I have a question.
    You may have done a blog on the subject already but not that I can find, so if you have, my apologies but what are those pens you are using and where can I get some?
    The drawings I make are on A5 paper and really detailed so colouring them has always been this daunting task I put off forever. However with a pen like that I may have a shot.
    Even the name of the pen and brand name would be really helpful because I’m super intrigued and kind of flabbergasted I didn’t know these things existed.
    Yours truly,

      1. Thank you so much for your reply.
        Because the base was so thick I wrongly assumed the brushes had an internal ink supply (which is why I called them pens instead of brushes) but looking at your video again I see that’s not the case.
        However such a brush would really come in handy even without internal ink supply and I managed to look them up.
        Now to find the shop that can send them to The Nederlands (but the internet is, magical I’m sure I’ll find it)
        Once again thank you for your help and I had a quick look around your page, your work is absolutely amazing ^^

  2. Oh I’m sorry. I’m discussing the liner brush from this post. Which pens are you referring to? The ink pens? I use Faber Castell and recently tried “Sketchbox,” a monthly art supply subscription. I really like their fine liners and have been experimenting with those.

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