Picture Books

Hi there! This page is dedicated to Picture Books that I am currently working on or have out in the world.

Yellow Speckled Blackbird written by Dylan Pritchett and illustrated by yours truly is now available for pre-order. If you would like to reserve your copy, you can find it on Amazon, in hardcover or paperback. Published by Maclaren-Cochrane Publishing.

“Everyone loves hearing a bird’s song at the beginning of a new day. When this special little blackbird shares her music with a young boy, he wants to possess more than she is willing to give. By teaching him how to truly listen, she finally touches his heart.”




Sophie’s New Song, written by Michelle Whitfield will be self-published later this year.

In this story Sophie is dealing with feelings related to growing up in a home with an absent parent. It will be used as a resource to help children who have to confront these issues on a daily basis. I will post more information regarding publication once I can share! 🙂

For now here is the Kickstarter that author, Michelle Whitfield, has put together.

Update: The Kickstarter was fully funded! Thanks for looking and sharing!






© All Images L.J. Hancock

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