Pieces of Sand

This is a watercolor portrait of my daughter that I just finished! I’ve been working on it for a couple months. My goal in this piece is to capture the sensory experience of discovering sand for the first time. I plan to document several of her “first discoveries” through watercolor. I’m playing with the ideaContinue reading “Pieces of Sand”

Back in the Swing of Things

Its been tough to concentrate on anything (much less art related) with a new baby. Now that my little one has started taking longer naps, I feel like I can get something accomplished. She still naps for 30 minutes but every now and then I get an hour or two. I am hoping that thisContinue reading “Back in the Swing of Things”

Demo by Watercolor Artist Joseph Zbukvic

I am sorry that I have been missing in action for a couple of months! We welcomed our first child into the world in October and she has kept me pretty busy. I plan to use her as a model eventually, but today you will have to settle for this great video by Australian artistContinue reading “Demo by Watercolor Artist Joseph Zbukvic”

Petroglyphs in Wyoming

This is another commission that I finished this week and mailed off yesterday. The work is a 14″ x 19″ watercolor on 140 lb Cold Press Paper. The imagery is from a shot of petroglyphs in Wyoming (one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.). It took a practice painting and some studies toContinue reading “Petroglyphs in Wyoming”

Student Work From Watercolor 1

The semester ended on a good note with successful final projects from all of my students, painting and photography. I thought that I would share some finished work from my Watercolor 1 course. The final project was to create a portrait/bust of someone expressing a mood through expression, color contrast, lighting and brush work. TheContinue reading “Student Work From Watercolor 1”

Plein Air Painting at Maymont

This morning, I went out to Maymont Park in Virginia, to meet up with some students who wanted to do some plein air (outside with natural light) painting. Only one brave student showed up today. It was chilly and the sun kept hiding from us but I ended up getting a nice little study of theContinue reading “Plein Air Painting at Maymont”

Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, PA

This art environment is a mosaicked gallery space and community arts center. Isaiah Zagar is the artist who created the Magic Gardens. Zagar has devoted himself to beautifying the South street neighborhood in Philly since the 1960’s. He started working on the Magic Gardens in 1994 and it took him about 14 years to createContinue reading “Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, PA”