I began this charcoal self portrait with my Drawing 1 students a few weeks ago.  I was teaching them how to begin a self portrait drawing, using the Grid Method. I began working from a photograph and completed the drawing by observation. After all, we are our own 24/7 model! Today I added some more value and contrast, completing the drawing.  I thought that I would share how it turned out.

All Images © 2013 L.J. Hancock

Watermelon Festival

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Watermelon Festival. It was very hot but the watermelon was delicious. The streets were full with all sorts people and pooches. Specifically, two pink poodles. I did not have my art journal with me, so I had to come back and document the puppies from memory. One of the poodles has been dyed since last October. When I first saw the woman walking her dog, I thought that it had to do with her Halloween costume (it was in October). Now that almost a year has passed, I realize that she just likes having a pink poodle. I did a little research online because I was concerned for the animals. Apparently the dye in non-toxic and eventually washes out like shampoo. To each his own I guess. You can see my sketch on my Art Journal page. Cheers!

Embrace Mistakes

This is a page from my last journal. I painted and collaged on the opposite side of the page. I closed my sketchbook after I finished collaging, not thinking that the paint would still be wet. It made a huge red smear on the opposite side. I used my finger to move the paint around and thought that I saw a silhouette of a person sleeping. I used a gesture drawing of my friend asleep on the bus (that I drew two years ago) to fill the space. I think it turned out ok.

One of the key tips in Artist’s Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson, is to embrace your mistakes. Don’t rip out a page just because you think that you “messed up.” You can use your mistakes to create something new. Or you can look back to see how you have improved over time.

All Images © 2013 L.J. Hancock