Past & Present

This series began in 2006 as a meditation on personal history. Layers of organic imagery, natural and figurative, appear and disappear, much like memories of a familiar place. The process of layering is an important element to reinforce the idea of “layers of the mind,” forgotten and remembered.

Presence 9

Presence 9″ x 12″ oil on panel (SOLD)

Presence 15

Presence 15″ x 30″ collage, mixed media (SOLD)

Blue Forest 30

Blue Forest 30″ x 40″ collage, mixed media (SOLD)

Green and White 20

Green and White 20″ x 30″ collage,mixed media (SOLD)

Monticello Autumn 40

Monticello Autumn 40″ x 40″ mixed media, collage on canvas

Leroy Lake 1, 15

Leroy Lake 1, 15″ x 30″ mixed media, collage on canvas

Ethereal 15

Ethereal 15″ x 20″ collage, mixed media (Private Collection)

Calm 15

Calm 15″ x 30″ mixed media on canvas (SOLD)

Detail of Calm

Detail of Calm

© All Images L.J. Hancock

9 thoughts on “Past & Present

  1. Oh my goodness…your use of oil paints and mixed media is breathtaking!!! I want to take a painting class with you now! It takes quite a bit of patience to work with oils, especially with results like those you’ve shown above. I am in awe right now.


  2. Lisa, I am thinking of commissioning you to do a triptych of the Farm in Vincennes. Give it some thought and when might be good time to visit and explore settings.

    • Of course! This summer would be a great time to work on the paintings. Maybe we can get over there in July or early August. Do you have a size in mind or did you like the size of the Leroy Lakes? We can chat more soon!

      • I was thinking this summer might work well for you and July/early August sounds good. I think the Leroy Lake sizes is a good start! When do you start back teaching?

  3. As the proud owner of your work, “Jennifer: collage, mixed media,” I must say that commissioning you to paint a piece for my home was nothing short of genius. Each day, I am in awe of the painting you created just for me. It is stunning. I am so proud to share your talent with everyone who enters my home. I will treasure my very first Lisa Johnston Hancock original always.

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