Lovely Animals

Last weekend we visited the Cincinnati Zoo. I am always conflicted when I visit zoos because while I really enjoy seeing animals that would otherwise be foreign to me, it makes me a little sad to see them in such a small enclosure. However, they seemed to be making the most of their situation.

Like this Polar Bear for example. This poor bear must be so hot living in Cincinnati, Ohio in the spring. We watched him/her do this trick over and over again and I tried to shoot the pictures as fast as I could. The bear would start at the top of the pool (where the water filtered in) and jump backwards as it pushed itself into the water, swim a lap around the pool, and then go back to the beginning again. It took 5-10 seconds total.

Polar Bear 1

Polar Bear 2

Polar Bear 3

Polar Bear 4

Polar Bear 5

Polar Bear 6


We got to the zoo in the afternoon and some of the babies had already been put away for a nap. The little penguins were running around in full force, but this one was getting sleepy.

Baby Penguin


Another one having trouble with the heat. This little guy just looked miserable. He needed a pool as well.



I think Manatees are fantastic. During the summer of ’07, my Mom, Dad and I went on an adventure in a small fishing boat to find the Manatees that were “apparently” spotted in the brackish water of the Mobile Bay. We did not spot any Manatees but we had a good time. I finally got to see one munching on some lettuce at the zoo.



This monkey was looking for something in the water. Two of them were in this enclosure and we were probably ten feet away (on the other side of the water). The monkeys kept turning their faces away from us like they were saying, “Don’t look at me.” They did not like having their picture taken.



This was not at the zoo but a fun animal spotting. My husband’s step-dad built a shelf just for Robins that has been next to the back door for some time. Finally, a Robin decided to make her nest there while we were visiting. She would fly away every time that someone opened the door but I think that she felt protected by the house.

Robin In Nest

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