Snow Kitty

We adopted a cat (Penny) from the Richmond SPCA in February. She has adjusted to her home surprisingly well, so much that we have a difficult time getting her to go outside and explore. I am pretty sure that she thinks that she is human and wants to be wherever we are. Penny even greets me at the bottom of the stairs when I get home from work. Today we have a snow day, so I am spending some quality time with our new addition. To Penny’s defense, we have some scary pit bulls next door and quite a few other cats who staked their claim in the neighborhood a long time ago. However last night when we got home we found a winter wonderland, and its spring! Our backyard is covered in snow. Penny raced outside to explore this soft white mess (this is a cat who LOVES water anyway). She was fascinated….last night. This morning, upon seeing it in the light, Penny is not so fascinated. In fact, I cannot get her to go outside at all. She stares out the window and then back at me like this is my fault. Penny, I am not happy about snow in mid-March either. This is our cat in utter disgust.

Penny surveying the situation (from the window).

Penny surveying the situation (from the window).

Penny wondering why I did this.

Penny wondering why I created this.


4 thoughts on “Snow Kitty

  1. What a lovely cat! Her coloring is beautiful. She is a “Lucky” Penny to have been adopted by you , Lisa. She will have a wonderful life. 🙂

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