Two Best Friends

I try to run at least twice a week and I like to go around the lakes at the local park by our house for a pretty view. These two buddies have been hanging out since August. They caught my eye because they are a unique couple. In the past, I have seen two male mallards or a male and a female mallard hanging out together, but not a male mallard and a white duck. I did a little bit of research and found out that the pekin duck was originally bred from mallards in China, for their meat and eggs. I guess this is why it was so easy for these two to form a bond, because they have a genetic connection. These two are always together and follow each other around the lake. In fact, when I first walked up, the pekin duck was preening while the mallard was 7 – 8 feet away. When the mallard saw that I was either a threat (or had food) he quickly rushed to the pekin’s side to get his attention. The mallard is definitely male because of his coloring and I believe that the pekin is also a male because of his curled tail, although it is difficult to tell between male and female pekins. Even though these two may have come from a similar genetic makeup, I still like seeing two buddies who appear so different in size and coloring, hanging out. They immediately caught my eye and made me happy. On my runs, I carry my iphone and have never been able to get a good photo. Yesterday, after seeing them on a walk with my husband, I decided to go back home to grab my camera so I could get some fun shots.

Duck Preening

My Buddy

My Buddy 2


Duck Silohuette



All Images © 2013 L.J. Hancock

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