Snooping Wildlife

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with friends and family. On the morning of Thanksgiving, we had 8 uninvited guests snooping around the backyard. Some how I doubt that they were there for turkey. Although deer commonly wonder among neighborhoods in this particular area, I was shocked to see so many huge deer 30 – 40 feet away from me, in the back yard! I grabbed my camera and shot a few quick photos before the dogs were let out to keep them from eating the flower bushes.

Can you find the deer? They really do blend in with their surroundings well.

This one is hidden to the left. It decided to check out the flower bushes closer to the house.

The next few images are from the front yard. I did not get a look at the small buck that did the damage. However, I wanted to get some photos to share. I did not grow up with deer running through my backyard and I was surprised to see that this buck would rub a tree right in front of a house! I hope that the little tree makes it this spring.

All Images © 2013 L.J. Hancock

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