Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Yesterday my husband and I visited the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA to see the “Butterflies Live” conservatory. As we were driving up to the garden gate we realized that the last time we took a tour of the gardens, they were covered in christmas lights and it was about 30 degrees. Yesterday it was around 90 degrees and even warmer and humid in the butterfly conservatory. It would have been nice to view the gardens on a cooler day but apparently butterflies can only fly if their temperature is above 86. Even though it felt like we were in a sauna, the butterflies were beautiful and we loved the experience.

This was a cute garden gate.

I love the colors on this butterfly.

This is a moth. Moths do most of their exploring at night and rest during the day. This one thought that Jim looked like a good resting spot.

This one had beautiful blue spots.

Another shot of a moth resting.


Another monarch feeding.

These lilly pads were outside of the conservatory. Does anyone know where these originate? They didn’t look real.

6 thoughts on “Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

  1. Yes, it is not open in Richmond in the winter. I’m not sure what they do with the butterflies. Maybe they move them further south! That’s a good question. The next time we go back to the gardens, I’ll ask.

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