Waiting for inspiration is like waiting at the DMV

“It lasts forever and if you don’t know enough, you’ll probably still fail at the end. Nike your problems away by just doing it… “it” being something. You can wait and wait for good ideas, you can consume books, magazines, websites, and music by the truckload, desperate for something to trigger some sort of eureka moment, but if you just write your shitty lyric down, lay your shitty brush stroke down, or take your shitty photo, you’re on the right to track to actually making something good. I have made many terrible things, some of which remain terrible but served as stepping stones to better things, some I transformed into rather nice things, and I learned more about myself, the world, my work, technique, appeal, and a million other tiny factors from simply doing something, even when it failed.”                – Sam Spratt


I came across this artist’s blog in the Professional Artist magazine. After perusing his site, I found a list of 10 THINGS I’VE LEARNED IN THE 2 YEARS SINCE I GRADUATED FROM ART SCHOOL. My favorite “thing” is posted above. I thought that it was particularly funny because this is what I always tell my students and often times, myself. I don’t think that I can count how many times that I have said “Nike…..just do it,” when a student says, “I can’t.” I whole heartedly agree with this guy. I have made many terrible things as well but some really good work has come out of trying. At times I get down on myself and wonder if what I am doing is worth it. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find that eureka moment. However if I just do it, put something down, make a sketch at least once a day I always feel better about myself. I love creating and I think that I always will…inspiration is a bonus.

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