Lahaina, Maui

Yesterday, we returned from a wonderful vacation in Maui. We managed to do so much in less than a week. I thought that I would share some of the art that we viewed. 😉

Artisan working on a sculpture.

One of his finished pieces. A humpback whale carved from wood.

Working on a piece.

Here you can see more of his work.

A beautiful old photo of a Hawaiian woman.

Dancers at the Luau

Hawaiian Sunset. The most beautiful creation of all.

5 thoughts on “Lahaina, Maui

  1. Hi, Prof. Hancock! Your pics are lovely!
    Glad you had a wonderful time! Didn’t waking up in Hawaii make you feel wonderful every morning you looked outside? Aloha and mahalo for all your beautiful pics!
    Just wanted to ask if you’d turned in your self-portrait to the People’s Portrait Project. They are extending it the month of June and will show the portraits the First Friday in July. (It rained June 1st and not many people came to see them.) I’ve turned in 19 portraits so far. I might have some more to turn in next Friday, the 15th. The 14th, Thursday night, I’m meeting Alison, Lizzy, Mariah, and maybe a friend of mine named Heather, at 5pm at the VMFA to see the Maharajah exhibit, to eat at the Best Cafe, and to watch the free jazz. You and your husband are welcome to join us if you’d like. We will be there somewhere. The free jazz is in the Best Cafe from 6 to 9.
    I’m learning so much from Dr. Mikell Brown, who is my Art 101 professor at the Midlothian campus of John Tyler. It started yesterday and I have my first exam the morning of June 14th! My Design II class (my professor is Diana Detamore) is going well, too, and we’ve made a wire sculpture of our bust, made a powerpoint which we watched today of the design terms and the sculptures we created out of styrofoam shapes (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial,etc…) and I’m enjoying her class, too!
    I’ve joined the YMCA and have done two water aerobics classes at the Sandston Y and one (today) at the Midlothian Y and have already met an artist named Pat who said I can visit her art studio (she paints in water based paint…watercolor and acrylic.) I’ll let you know when I’ve gone.
    Take care,

    • Hi April! I did turn in (2) portraits before we went out of town. I know that two of my students from other classes turned in some as well. Unfortunately I will be out of town for the 14th. I’m going to help with a renovation at my parents’ house during that week. Yes, I believe that Dr. Mikell Brown is the Dean of the AHSS department. I have only recently met her but she seems very knowledgeable and organized. I’m glad that you are enjoying your class. I hope that you have a great summer semester! Hopefully I will see you at the July art walk! Best, LH

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