Inspired by “Swoon”

 Today I watched a you tube video about the artist “Swoon” who’s real name is Caledonia Curry.

The following link contains the 10 minute you tube video with the artist and I recommend watching it when you have time.

Swoon has an interesting process involving drawing, linoleum cuts, paper and the streets of New York City! Most of her work is street art however she has started exhibiting in galleries as well. In the you tube video, she said that she creates these portraits to connect with the subject being portrayed in her work(s). Swoon said that she draws from her experiences or what she walked past that day.

Here is a work by “Swoon”

In the you-tube video, Swoon mentioned that this family in Buenos Aires was taking part in an every day activity that involved purchasing corn and feeding the pigeons. This is something that she thought people in New York would not typically do (pigeons are seen as rats of the sky) so she wanted to depict this family taking part in their every day activity. Sometimes she adds other elements to the work but she felt that this piece was complete in its entirety.

The image above, is an example of one of Swoon’s works that can be found on the streets of New York City. Here she has included additional flat colors, shapes and patterns in the composition, rather than simply the reference photo. This piece seems to have an influence of Art Nouveau styles. In particular, Gustav Klimt’s paintings of clothed women.

Gustav Klimt’s painting titled Adele

Swoon’s work also reminds me of another contemporary artist. The San Francisco based artist Hung Liu who has been exhibiting since the 70’s. Hung Liu’s methods combine painting, printmaking and the dripping of paint. Her images are layered and she also feels a connection with the subjects of her paintings while working with the images.

Akeyra by Hung LuiAkeyra by Hung Liu

You can see more of Hung Liu’s work by going to the following web site:

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